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Singular English is for anyone interested in English. It aims to inform and inspire by showcasing the beauty and versatility of English. It is also about how I see languages: I’m fascinated by the pictures in words, the shapes of grammar, the colours of sounds.

I am Elborg, a language lover and teaching enthusiast. Due to my upbringing and life choices I am intimately familiar with the process of discovering new languages and putting them to use.

Ever since my earliest childhood I have lived with several languages alongside each other: German, English, Spanish, French, Greek and Indonesian. I love them all, but it is English in particular that gives me a rush every single day.

Teaching is my profession, my hobby – it’s bliss. I have been teaching English and German to adults for 30 years now, and I want to extend a big thank you to my students for largely inspiring this blog with their questions and struggles with English, in particular with speaking and comprehension, vocabulary and pronunciation.

So look around here. Take what you like and find useful. In return, leave me a comment, because I hope to learn from you. Your thoughts, questions and criticism are more than welcome.