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Spring | Multiple meanings

SPRING has multiple meanings: It can be a part of the year, it can be found in mechanisms and other devices, it can be related to water, or it can be a verb. See for yourself!

1. Spring is the first of the four seasons:
Spring, summer, autumn (AmE: fall) and winter.



2. A spring is a metal coil that is elastic and recovers its original shape after compression. We find springs in biros, mattresses or shock absorbers, for example.

3. The word spring denotes a natural source of water that flows from the earth.



4. As a verb, it is irregular: spring, sprang, sprung.

It can mean jump, leap:
The rabbit suddenly sprang out of a hole.

It also means to arise, to develop:
The idea for her blog sprang from years of experience as a teacher.


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