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What’s the deal with the word deal? It appears in trade, business, politics and colloquial expressions.

Light | Multiple meanings

The adjective / adverbLight as an adjective is the opposite of several other adjectives: dark, heavy, thick, serious, deep…Something, e.g. a present, a suitcase or a person, can be light / lightweight or heavy.If you can hear some light footsteps… Read More »Light | Multiple meanings

Jam | Multiple meanings

Summer: Time to preserve fruit. Time to travel. Time for music. Jams everywhere! Jam is a sweet spread made from the pulp and juice of fruit cooked with sugar and pectin. There’s strawberry jam, apricot jam, raspberry jam … you… Read More »Jam | Multiple meanings

Season | Multiple meanings

SEASON’S GREETINGS! ‘TIS THE SEASON TO BE JOLLY … It’s this time of year again … In a large part of the world it’s winter, it’s Christmas, and New Year is right round the corner. People gather round the TV… Read More »Season | Multiple meanings