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Fan | Multiple meanings

FANS can be found at concerts and in stadiums, at film festivals and on the internet.
But fans can also create cool air: They can be manual or electric.
We also find fans in buildings and engines.
As a verb, it can describe two particular kinds of movement.

If you are an English fan, read on and find out more!

1. The word fan is short for fanatic. The word originated in the 19th century.

A fan is someone who ardently admires and a writer, an actor, an artist or a band,

who enthusiastically supports a sportsperson or club,

or who has a strong interest in a lifestyle, activity, country, etc.

Many fans are organized in fan clubs.

Are or were you a Harry Potter fan?
I am definitely an English fan 😀 – what about you?

2. A fan is a device that is used to create cool air.

A fan can be handheld, have different shapes and be made of different materials: thin wood, ivory, fine cloth, silk, lace, natural fibres, paper…


A fan can also be electric, and can either stand on a table or on the floor…

…or be mounted to the ceiling.

Fans are furthermore found in industry, in buildings


…in machines and engines such as computers, cars or fridges, where they are essential to prevent overheating.


3. The verb fan can mean mean

a. the action of using a fan or similar to move the air towards oneself or to someone else; also towards a fire to make it burn more strongly

I tried fanning myself with a napkin.
Just keep
fanning the flame until it burns more strongly.

b. to intensify something (negative).

Their words only fanned everyone’s anger.

c. Together with the preposition out, it describes the action of spreading out in the shape of a fan, such as some birds do with their tails,

or as we might do with a hand of cards.

The peacock fanned out its impressive tail.
She carefully fanned the cards out in her hand.
A group of tourists got off the coach and fanned out into the town centre.

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