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GET 8: GET to do something

By using GET + to + infinitive we can speak about opportunities, success, permission or ability. You will also discover that we can use it to refer to gradually developing an attitude or realizing something. Find more explanations and examples on the free downloadable Study Sheet at the end of the post.

In this Episode of Get a Life! you learn some more about George, Ellen and Tom. And you finally get to meet Sarah! Could she be the girl on the bus?

Not everybody gets to do it


After completing my master’s degree in software engineering, I got to work in Silicon Valley for a year.

Unlike Tom, I don’t get to travel much on business nowadays. But I get to work from home once a week, which is something not everyone gets to do. I like it; that way I get to run errands, do small jobs around the house and things like that.

Another aspect I like about being a computer specialist is that I get to help my family and friends with their computers. I get to make life easier for them. It’s usually no big deal for me, and to them it means a lot.

Before I was promoted I never thought I’d get to lead a team and enjoy it, but I really do.



I teach creative writing at university, which is great as I get to work with some really brilliant young people. As an author and conference speaker, I also get to attend international events, where I get to speak to writers, artists, academics and influencers.

On my trip to Hong Kong my ticket was upgraded, so I got to fly First Class. I didn’t get to see much of Hong Kong that time, so getting to know the city during our honeymoon will be so exciting.



What I love about being a flight attendant is that I get to travel to all sorts of places. I also get to stay at really nice hotels. What I also like is that when I work in First Class especially, I get to meet some really interesting or famous people.

Even though I didn’t get to be a pilot as I wanted, I love my job and I hope I get to be an instructor in the near future.



I get to be the photographer at my best friend Ellen’s wedding – that’s so cool! You don’t get to do a job like that when you’re a student, but Ellen trusts me. So for the past few weeks I’ve been carrying around a book about wedding photography. I read it everywhere, even on the bus on my way to work and home.

Although I trained as a hair stylist, my passion is photography. I’m studying a three year photography course. It’s not cheap, so I’m still working part-time as a hair stylist, though I hope I get to give it up soon.

Yes, I’m sure that one day I’ll get to earn a living as a professional photographer.

GET + to + infinitive can be used to speak about

  • being given an opportunity: After the concert we got to meet the band.
  • being successful: I hope I get to stand right at the front.
  • being given permission: I never get to use the company car, it’s so unfair.
  • becoming enabled: What I like about my job is that I get to work from home.

GET + to + infinitive can also mean a gradual process in which you start to realize or have an attitude towards someone or something. A more formal expression is grow + to + infinitive.

  • Even though I didn’t want to move, I got to like our new office after a few weeks.
  • We only got to understand what had happened after we had spoken to everyone.
  • He’s shy, but you’ll like him when you get to know him better.

Download my free Study Sheet: GET_Opportunity_Process_PDF

Get a Life! – The series

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