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Grow your vocabulary | Part 2

In Part 1 you took the first step towards expanding your vocabulary by observing the world around you and collecting words that are relevant to you.

Step 2: Collect and group

  • In your language, write the words that you would like to add to your vocabulary into your phone (unless you are driving, of course). Or, if you prefer, keep a small notebook with you.
  • Group your vocabulary by giving it different headings according to where you found it, for example Clothes / Supermarket / Work / Bathroom / Car / Gym. This will help you to relate it to a situation in your daily life. The words will be relevant to you because they describe your own experiences. Thus they will be more likely to stick.
  • Make sure you dedicate a new page to each topic or situation as you may want to add further words to the groups as time goes on.

Step 3: Translate, pronounce, repeat

  • When you have a spare moment, find the translations for the words you have collected and write them down.
  • At the same time make sure you listen to them on your online dictionary so you know how to pronounce them.
  • Repeat the words. Say them out loud several times, five, ten, twenty times. Get your tongue around them.

Step 4: Expand and review (and meet old friends again!)

  • Over time, try to add new words to your pages to broaden your vocabulary more and more.
  • Keep going through them regularly, first every week, later once a month. This will not only help you not to forget your words; it will also bring back memories of the places you have been to and what you experienced there.
    Seeing your words again after a period of time will feel like meeting and catching up with old friends.

Let me know what you do to broaden your vocabulary.

View an infographic on this topic.

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