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Tip | Multiple meanings

What comes to mind when you hear the word TIP? Does it make you think of some parts of our body, about money, or even about waste disposal?
Read this post and discover the disparate meanings of TIP.

1. A tip (n.) is the end of a pointed object; for example, of a pencil.

We speak about “the tip of the iceberg” to refer to a small evident piece of a much bigger problem that remains hidden.

Our fingertips are very sensitive.

Ballet dancers stand on the tips of their toes.

When we want to say something but cannot remember the words, we say,
“I’ve got it/It’s on the tip of my tongue“.

2. A tip (n.) is a small sum of extra money that we give for a service, for example at a restaurant.
Hence the verb to tip someone.

3. A tip (n.) is a piece of helpful, confidential or insider information.

4. Tip (n.) is a British word for a rubbish dump.
in the countryside is illegal.


5. To tip (v.) is to move or cause something to move at an angle. For example

a hat                      a wheelbarrow 

a boat               the pins in a game of bowling 

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