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‘Get’ 7: Replacing ‘have’ in the Causative

GET‘ can replace ‘have’ in causatives:
He got his hair cut. = He had his hair cut.

The Causative speaks about things that we do not do ourselves, but for which we normally pay someone to do them for us.

Read how Ellen and Tom use ‘GET’ in the causative as they are planning their wedding.

For explanations and examples, download my free Study Sheet as a PDF at the end of the post.

Lots of things to get done

(Ellen and Tom talking about their wedding preparations)

Tom: OK, here’s the to-do list. Let’s see … “Rings” … Say, how do you feel about getting them engraved?

Ellen: Oh, yes, I love the idea! – Now, “Invitations”. When are we going to get them printed?

T: We definitely need to get that done this week. – Right. What else is there? It says “Necklace” here.

E: Yes. According to the saying, a bride should wear “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue”. For “something old”, I’d like to wear Grandma’s gold necklace. But the lock is broken and I need to get it fixed.

T: You can get it done at the jeweller’s. What about the other three things you’re going to wear as a bride?

E: For “something borrowed”, Mum’s going to lend me her gold earrings. For “something blue”, I was thinking of my wedding bouquet. I’d like to get it made with blue flowers.

T: Sounds good. And what about “something new”?

E: Aah, you’ll love this. I wanted to keep it a surprise, but now that you’re asking … We met in Hong Kong, so I’m going to get a tattoo done all across my back – in the shape of a Chinese dragon. Isn’t that absolutely cool?

T: What? A tattoo? You can’t be serious!

E: Just joking! Of course not. After all I’m getting a dress made, so that will be my “something new”. No tattoo!

T: Talking of Hong Kong, remember to get your passport renewed for our honeymoon.

E: You’re right. I’ll need to get my photo taken for it. Oh, and we really should get the camera repaired.

Carry on reading to learn some more about George, Ellen and Tom – and finally meet Sarah in Episode 8 of the series.

• In the Causative, GET can replace ‘have’ in spoken English.
We got the house painted last summer. = we had the house painted

More information and examples on my free Study Sheet, which you can download as a PDF. GET_Passive_Causative_PDF

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