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GET 9: Persuade | Ask | Make | Motivate

Get someone to do something | Get someone doing something

These are informal ways to speak about asking, persuading or motivating someone to do something.

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Can we get them to do it?

(Tom thinking)
I really hope I can get George to give a speech at our wedding. He’s shy, but he knows how much it means to me.
He needs a haircut though. Perhaps Ellen could get him to go to the hairdresser’s.

(Ellen thinking)
I’m so pleased I could get Sarah to be our photographer. She’s a good friend, and she takes amazing photos.
And besides she’s such a skilled hair stylist, too. Oh, I know what I’ll do: I’ll get Sarah to do my hair for the wedding, and to trim Tom’s hair.

Talking of hair … It would be great if Tom could get George to get a haircut. If George agrees, I’ll get him to make an appointment with Ellen – she’s simply the best.

It got me thinking

(Sarah thinking)
My first big job! I’m so excited. Shooting Ellen and Tom’s wedding is a big responsibility. The proposal immediately got me reading as much as I could about wedding photography.

(George thinking)
Tom’s getting married. It got me worrying at first that I might lose him as a friend. But I can see he’s really happy with Ellen, and we continue being best friends.
It’s got me thinking though… Will there ever be anyone for me?

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GET + someone + to + infinitive: make, persuade, ask

GET someone to do something is an informal way to talk about persuading or making someone do something.

I’ll try to get my sister to lend me the money.
I’ll try to persuade my sister to lend me the money.

Do you think you can get the car to start?
Do you think you can make the car start?

GET + someone + gerund: make someone start to do something, motivate someone to do something

GET someone doing something means that something or someone makes someone start to do something.

Your comment got me wondering. What did you mean?

I’m sure a bonus will get them working better.

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