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‘Get’ 4: Understand | Other verbs

GET is sometimes confusing because in conversations it can replace a number of verbs.

As always, you can download a free Study Sheet with explanations and examples at the end of this post.

Do you get it?

Ellen is talking to Tom: A one-sided phone conversation about understanding.
  • Hey, yes, it’s me. I’m calling about yesterday.
  • Right, yes, that’s what I said yesterday. But you got me totally wrong there.
  • It’s just that I’m sick of his bad manners, do you get me? Why can’t he even greet me?
  • Sorry, I don’t get why I should make the first step.
  • No, sorry. I still don’t get it.
  • OK, yes, he’s shy, I get that. But I still don’t see why…
  • No, sorry, no way. Don’t get me wrong, but it’s his turn to make a move.
  • What? Bad line, I’m afraid… I didn’t get what you just said.
  • Say that again, please? Ah, OK, now I got it.
  • Yes, OK, I think I get the idea.
  • So if I get you right you’re saying that instead of talking I should write to him…
  • Yes, I’ll do my best. I just hope he gets the message.
  • All right. Bye. Yes, love you, too.

Will Ellen and George become friends in the end? Still wondering about the girl on the bus? Read Episode 5 next.

GET can replace a number of verbs:

  • understand
  • make food
  • pay at a restaurant
  • answer the door or the telephone
  • affect emotionally

For more explanations and examples, download a free Study Sheet on this topic as a PDF. GET_Understand_OtherVerbs_PDF

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