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Quote: Learning

Learning happens in any way, at any moment.

Not long ago, a very good and wise friend and colleague of mine said:

Learning happens in any way, at any time.

— A. F. S.


This is what this blog wants to show you.

You will learn the most English on your own, outside the classroom.

In any way, at any time

Everybody knows the classic ways to learn English, such as reading books, listening to songs, doing online grammar exercises, watching films, speaking in class. They are all great and effective ways to enhance your English.

But also pay attention to the world around you.

  • Read and think about signs at airports or train stations; the lists of ingredients on your cereal box; brand names.
  • Listen to and closely observe a native speaker: Notice expressions, exclamations and interjections; rhythm, pronunciation and intonation. Pay attention to their body language such as gestures, facial expressions, the noises they make while they’re thinking.
  • Talk to yourself aloud in English every day. (Read two posts about it here and here.)
  • Collect vocabulary related to your personal life and daily routine and group it by situations. (Here and here are two posts about it.)
  • Get into the habit of having a book or a podcast in English for whenever you have to wait, at the doctor’s or the dentist’s, on public transport and in queues.

There is so much around us that teaches us. It is up to you to make the most of it by paying attention and being curious. It is in your own hands to find English all around you, at all times.


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