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Tech Terms 3: Buildings and homes

The World Wide Web keeps growing as we go on building it.
This is what we need hardware for, and it’s here that we find windows and portals. A pretty wallpaper can make our home look more beautiful.


Tech: A tiny piece of equipment, usually made of silicon, used in the production of electronic components.
Non-tech: 1. A small piece of glass, stone or wood that has broken off.
2. A thin slice or strip of potato fried in oil.
3. A small round disk used in casinos.


Tech: A group of computers on a network that function as a unit, sharing the same name on the internet.
Non-tech: A territory ruled by a ruler or government.


Tech: A protective program to defend computers against trojans, viruses or worms.
Non-tech: A wall designed to protect buildings from a spreading fire.


Tech: The physical components of a computer. The non-physical ones, such as programmes, are software.
Non-tech: Metalware, such as nails, screws, tools, locks, cutlery, pans etc.


Tech: The initial page of a website.
Non-tech: 1. The place where we live permanently, especially with our family.
2. The finishing point in a race.
3. In games, the place where a player is free from attack.


Tech: A specific type of computer hardware, computer operating system or database.
Non-tech: 1. A raised horizontal structure. 2. The area next to the railway tracks where passengers enter and exit a train.


Tech: The portion of a computer to which an external device, such as a mouse or a USB stick, can be connected.
Non-tech: The place where ships or boats arrive and depart.


Tech: A website that functions as an entrance to the internet by offering a list of links to other sites.
Non-tech: A large and imposing entrance.


Tech: Also: website. A connected group of pages on the internet, devoted to a single topic and usually maintained by one person or organization.
Non-tech: A place, area or location.


Tech: While a website is being worked on, it can maintain its web presence with a page containing the message “Under construction”.
Non-tech: A building that is being worked on is under construction.


Tech: A picture or design used as the background of a mobile phone or computer screen.
Non-tech: Coloured or patterned paper covering a wall for decorative purposes.


Tech: A rectangular area on a screen in which a document or application can be viewed independently.
Non-tech: An opening in the wall of a building for letting in light and air.

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