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Tech Terms 4: Food

Food is so important to us that it is even found in technology. Here are the edible bits and pieces among the tech terms – all you can eat in the tech world. Enjoy! • Cookie Tech: A small piece… Read More »Tech Terms 4: Food

One of my favourite quotes

No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it. — Albert Einstein

GET 8: GET to do something

By using GET + to + infinitive we can speak about opportunities, success, permission or ability. You will also discover that we can use it to refer to gradually developing an attitude or realizing something. Find more explanations and examples… Read More »GET 8: GET to do something

Fan | Multiple meanings

FANS can be found at concerts and in stadiums, at film festivals and on the internet. But fans can also create cool air: They can be manual or electric. We also find fans in buildings and engines. As a verb,… Read More »Fan | Multiple meanings

Tick | Multiple meanings

TICK:  Something small, something short. It can refer to a sound. It can talk about time. It can be a symbol we use when working through lists or marking a choice. But a tick is also a small parasitic animal.… Read More »Tick | Multiple meanings